Saturday, July 12, 2008

More meme

Because my head is full of words spilling over each other and my heart is entangled in mazes... here is another meme, stolen from Devil Mood.

1. Your cell phone? Laying on my dresser, cracked screen.
2. Your significant other? My girlfriends
3. Your hair? Freshly cut, blonde, curly
4. Your mother? Shirley Bassey
5. Your father? Tom Jones
6. Your favorite thing? Days like today
7. Your dream last night? Unmemorable
8. The room you're in? My entire studio flat, so bedroom and living room
9. Your fear? Spiders, clowns, losing, rejection
10. What you're not? Consistently confident
11. The last thing you did before logging on? Spent a perfect day with Amelia
12. Where did you grow up? London, but I am still growing
13. Favourite drink? Champagne
14. What are you wearing? Black slip
15. Your TV? Abandoned and dusty in the corner
16. Your pet? Dreams of puppies
17. Your computer ? MacBook Pro
18. Favourite place? In the company of friends
19. Your mood right now? Content
20. Missing someone? Always
21. Something you're not wearing? Shoes
22. Love someone? Yes
23. Your favorite color? Rainbows
24. Kids? Undecided
25. Your life? Transitioning

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